Salibury Cathedral 

Reflection 2016

Dance of Venus 2018. 32cm

Dance of Venus 2018. 32cm 

Luna Blue 2018. 25cm

Red Cube 2016 . 20cm 

Night Treasure 2018. 25cm

You look up to the sky, stop and take a breath and nature speaks to you, she is giving you her full attention and whispers directly to you and only you.

“Look at me, I’m here, I see you too”. I’ll share my secrets if you share your dreams.”

By day, light filters through the clouds, a sea of colour that glides, shifts, floats and sprays. 

By night, the stars light your way opening imagination to new worlds.  This wonderful planet in its raw but graceful state will encompass us all. To feel alive and pure like the earth as she first began.  

Through my kiln–cast glass sculptures I try to illustrate a kind of daydream, a portal to share these experiences. I approach my glass pieces in an unusual way, more akin to an artist painting an oil where they return again and again to layer more depths, only my canvas consists of a 3 dimensional transparent space.  I cast coloured sections, polish and then assemble them ready to be cast or fused, if necessary up to 5 firings until the desired effect has been achieved. My forms are usually abstract (such as the cubes) where the layers of colour have been carefully considered to gain the right level of glow from within the geometry. My recent disc pieces are abstract in their form with a touch of realism such as clouds and patterns that mimic nature’s finer details. 

Sabrina Cant.  The Forge.   Eel Pie Boatyard.   Eel Pie Island.  TW1 3DY.  +44 (0)7932 453990 .