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My workshop, which was previously a blacksmith forge is located on  Eel pie island in Twickenham where I have worked since 2007. Casting glass involves many processes from making silicone rubber moulds to cutting grinding and polishing the finished castings. Refractory moulds are made from clay, plaster and often wax models which  is also known as the lost wax process. Using these techniques I undertake commissioned work as well as continually developing my own work for exhibitions.

The work

Taking inspiration from celestial bodies and the natural world, I use colour and geometry to achieve effects that are subtle, harmonious and sometimes mysterious. My love of nature opens doors to new ideas and continued experimentation. Selected colour combinations are used in conjunction with geometry.  My current work uses techniques from years of experience with some pieces requiring up to 5 kiln firings. Dichroics, gold leaf and lustres are increasingly being explored.

The forms can be  abstract (like the cubes) where the layers of colour have been carefully considered to gain the right level of glow from within the geometry. My recent disc pieces are abstract in their form with a touch of realism such as clouds and patterns that mimic nature’s finer details. 

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