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New work

Big Star

My new work is a development from the disc series incorporating geometric forms. The continued exploration of the geometric form is used in combination with the disc-scapes to create a more three dimensional glasswork.  A beginning to linking my celestial and landscape works.

This piece  is the first to explore the Campanus polyhedron sphere. This shape traditionally has 72 sides but can have more. Here a 72 sided and 180 sided shape has been used and then bisected into half spheres to create the open portal viewing face to show the summer sunsets inside. By using this particular shape the faces are abstractly arranged replicating the sun’s rays as you look through the piece and creates other vivid optics as you walk around the piece.

The celestial aspect and use of the geometry can open one’s imagination to other stars having their own summer solstice.

Lifeboat. Companionship and Hope

Companionship and Hope are symbolic of survival and the value of life in situations such as war and the escalating flight of refugees. A lifeboat is a symbol of hope. The optical cast and polished geometric shape is a reminder of the fragile human existence within a greater force. The central geometric shape hosts the tired roses.

Companionship and Hope. The roses drape over the sentinel type presence of the 5 sided pentagon.

Cast in optical glass the centrepiece is  made from a section taken from the Icosahedron geometric shape creating a double sided pentagon.

The flowers and stems have been grown and nurtured by myself in my garden, this process is important in creating a piece that has an energy passed through the processes and gives character to the overall piece. The flowers are worked with wax then cast in glass, each being a unique casting.

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